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10 Top Ways To Become Rich Without Working for Somebody Else

via Yahoo Finance

"Tired of working for a boss? Want to take control of your financial future? With some strategic moves, you can build significant wealth without being dependent on traditional employment. We spoke to experts to get their top tips for entrepreneurship, passive income and investing so you can get rich on your own terms. Combining a few of these strategies can put you on the path to financial freedom.


Buy an Existing Business

Kevin Henderson, founding partner at SMB Law Group, recommended entrepreneurship through acquisition: “The fastest way to build wealth and be your own boss is through ETA, aka buying an existing business instead of building it from the ground up.”

With baby boomers leaving their businesses, it presents a major opportunity to buy instead of starting from scratch. Henderson noted that grants and government programs also make financing more accessible for first-time buyers. Purchasing an established business can provide the fast track to success."