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3 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Consider Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition

via Grit Daily

Interest in entrepreneurship is at an all-time high. Data shows Gen X-ers’ share of 46% of all small businesses is set to grow over the next decade, while 93% of all Gen Zers have taken steps toward business ownership, indicating that entrepreneurship is set to explode once again.

With traditional approaches to entrepreneurship now falling short, a change of paradigm is essential. This is where the relatively recent concept of Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition (ETA) comes into play, especially among mid-career professionals as they stand to benefit the most from current demographic trends.

The idea of acquiring a business instead of building one from the ground up is nothing new by itself. What makes ETA different, however, is the strategy surrounding the acquisition. From finding the right opportunities and securing funding to optimizing growth post-purchase, this emerging trend has changed entrepreneurship in more than one way. Here are three reasons why every aspiring entrepreneur should consider it.