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New to the game: Steve Bennett bets on Pilot Lumber’s potential

via LBM Journal

While new to the industry, Pilot Lumber’s President Steve Bennett has enough business operations and management experience to continue the company’s success and make adjustments as he’s able.

There are a number of reasons people get into the LBM industry by way of heading up their own lumberyard. For some, it’s the pride in carrying on a family tradition. For others, it’s knowing they play a key role in building homes for their community. For Steve Bennett of Pilot Lumber in Bellevue, Kentucky, it comes down to this: It was an opportunity to bet on himself running and owning a company, and investing in a company he believed in.

While many lumberyard owners may have taken on the family’s business or have come over from the construction side to head up a supplier, Steve purchased Pilot Lumber because first and foremost he wanted to own his own business. He chose a lumberyard when the opportunity arose through his investment in Northern Kentucky real estate in an industry he believes will always be important.