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The Case for Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition

Leadership advice from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University

As the entrepreneurship through acquisition school of thought continues to gain clout in the acadmic & MBA settings, others oftentimes have to be convinces of its merits. 

As Emily Stone from the Kellogg Insight notes, aspiring CEOs and dreamers can follow this solid, unsung path to quickly and successfully lead a company. "One of the biggest benefits of entrepreneurship through acquisition is that you know the business can work. Unlike startups—where you need to find the right market for your million-dollar idea and a million things could derail you—existing businesses have already passed this hurdle."

“While acquisition entrepreneurship may lack some of the glamour of a startup, the path of buying a company is far less risky than trying to come up with the next new innovation amid a sea of other entrepreneurs with similar and bright ideas,” writes clinical professor David Schonthal in Harvard Business Review.