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Pete Seligman: Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition

via Stark Naked Numbers

"It’s an unpopular opinion, but I believe more people should buy a business instead of starting from scratch.

I’m Jason Andrew, and this is Stark Naked Numbers. It’s the podcast that strips down the numbers of business, investing and wealth creation to help you become a better entrepreneur and a better investor, and ultimately build your net worth.

In this episode I’m joined by Pete Seligman. Pete is a search investor – he helps aspiring business owners find good businesses and gives them a great future through acquisition, growth and a successful exit.

Pete’s experience is unique, as he’s one of the rare folks who has personally acquired, operated and sold a number of small- to medium-sized businesses.

He tells us how he does it, and what he looks for in a great business – so you can go out and find yours."