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Scuttlebutt Podcast: Leadership in Naval Special Warfare, ETA, and Scaling a Vertical Market Software Business with Joe Heieck

via Scuttlebutt Podcast (available on Apple)

In this conversation, Brock speaks with Joe Heieck. Joe was an intelligence officer in the Navy, where he spent time on SEAL Team Three as part of the Naval Special Warfare community, and is now the CEO of gWorks, a software company serving state and local government. In this conversation, Joe talks through why leadership of the NSW community is different and the do's and don'ts for implementing strong leadership in your life and business. We talked about his entrepreneurship through acquisition journey, a checklist to consider for self funded versus traditional search for veterans, and all of the different parties you should consider being close to when buying a business and where to find them. And lastly, we also get into how Joe helped grow the business so quickly, whether to focus on horizontal or vertical growth, and the ins and outs of a recapitalization.