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Starters & Builders: How Tuck Does Entrepreneurship

via Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth

Entrepreneurship at Tuck has grown to touch nearly every student in some way—for the class of 2022, 97 percent of students took a form of an entrepreneurship course by participating in one of the growing number of entrepreneurship electives or by completing an entrepreneurial First-Year Project (FYP).

"There is terrific interest in entrepreneurship at Tuck. That is in part due to what we have on offer, and also what students are interested in. We are always seeking to ensure there is alignment between those two things, says Daniella Reichstetter T’07, clinical professor of business administration and faculty advisor for the Center for Entrepreneurship.


Tuck offers more than a dozen entrepreneurship-focused elective courses including Entrepreneurship through Acquisition led by Adjunct Professor Mark Anderegg; the Early-Stage Venture Capital Workshop Practicum led by Jim Feuille D’79, adjunct professor and faculty advisor for the Center for Private Equity and Venture Capital; and Field Studies in Venture Capital led by Adjunct Professor Phil Ferneau D’84, T’96 and Feuille. Other examples of future entrepreneurship-focused practicums include the Diversity Entrepreneurship Collaboration Practicum which pairs students with participants and entrepreneurs in Tuck’s Diversity Business Programs, led by Tuck Executive Education. The new practicum is taught by Reichstetter and Caroline Cannon T’98, a lecturer, leadership coach, and career advisor."