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Veteran M&A Lawyers Launch SMB Law Group

via SMB Law Group

"SMB Law Group announced its official launch as a law firm dedicated to serving the burgeoning small and medium-sized business acquisition market. The boutique firm is headed by three veteran lawyers with extensive backgrounds in M&A and capital markets at major law firms: Kevin Henderson, Eric Pacifici, and Sam Rosati.

Research shows that nearly $7 billion in small and medium businesses (SMBs) currently held by Baby Boomers will be available for purchase by 2030. Contrary to past wealth transfers, a majority of these businesses will not be passed on to younger family members. Instead, they'll be bought by unrelated, third-party entrepreneurs – meaning that there will be a large influx of entrepreneurs seeking to buy small businesses, many for the first time. Filling a gap in the market, SMB Law Group will provide top-tier entrepreneurship-through-acquisition counsel to these prospective small business owners; combining the expertise of a major law firm with the high-touch customer support and affordability of a boutique firm.

'Small and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of our communities – they make up 99% of all of the businesses in this country. However, because M&A law has traditionally focused on massive corporations with millions of dollars to spend, those law firms don't have the expertise and bandwidth to serve SMB clients. That's where we come in,' said Henderson."